"Volcanus 2000 (We Wipe The World)" lyrics - LARD

"Volcanus 2000 (We Wipe The World)"

Hello my dear
Can I peel your skin
Put it in my mouth
And bite it
I am the gallant captain
Of the Volcanus two thousand

Fell down the trash chute
At my job
Woke up on this garbage barge
Thousand tons of urban waste
Is now our pirate ship

Fire from the catapults
Pampers squashed in great big balls
Clustered globs of medical waste
Rain down on cafes

Give us all your treasure now
Or we'll paint your whole town brown
Everywhere they're glad to pay
Se we'll go away

Yeah, yeah
We wipe the world

Join hands and dance
Curl up our toes
And squish sludge into wine

Drink and belch
Gene Simmons style
Methane goes down just fine

Rule the world from the high seas
Kidnap dwindling vaccines
No one dares blow up our ship
They'd have to clean the mess

Yeah, yeah, yeah
We wipe the world
We wipe the world

Hundred sixty million tons
Of American trash each year
Thousand football fields
Thirty stories high
Where will you put it all

Not in my backyard
Not in my backyard
Oh god

While your head's in virtual sand
More of our ships sail each day
You all do your part so well
Feed us trash and we will blackmail

Two billion tires
Bottles and cans
And paper plates
Sixteen billion diapers
They all gotta go someplace

'Nuff aluminum
In three months
To build airline fleets

Take a hint from
Your local roach
Join us and mutate

Yeah, yeah, yeah
We wipe the world
Yeah, yeah, yeah
We wipe the world
Yeah, yeah, yeah
We wipe the world