LAURIE ANDERSON lyrics - The Hollywood Strangler

"The Hollywood Strangler"
(Laurie Anderson)

I was living out in West Hollywood
When a Hollywood strangler was strangling women.
Every night there was a panel discussion on TV about the strangler,
Speculations about his habits, his motives, his methods.
One thing was clear about him:
He only strangled women when they were alone, or with other women.
And the panel members would always end the show by saying:
Now for all you women, listen: don't go outside without a man.
Don't walk out to your car, don't even take the garbage out by yourself;
Always go with a man.

Then, one of the eyewitnesses
Identified a policeman
As one of the suspects.
The next night,
The chief of the police
Was on the panel, and he said:

Now for all you women,
Whatever happens,
Do not stop for a police officer,
Stay in your car.
If a police officer tries to stop you,
Do not stop,
Keep driving and under no circumstances
Should you get out of your car.

For a few weeks,
Half the traffic in LA was doing twice the speed limits.