LEE AARON lyrics - Emotional Rain

"Emotional Rain"
(Lee Aaron / John Albani)

Ah the street light shines through the window
Casting a pale blue light..
And the busker's lonely song is softly killin' her tonight
She reaches for the bottle, reaches for the phone
Changes her mind, one more night all alone
The flowers he gave 'er, she watched while they died
Nine days in the dark, nine days without lies

But this ain't a love song baby
Naw there's nothin' she'd change
This ain't a love song baby
Just emotional (rain...)

Teardrops falling and sentiments calling
A whisper, to a scream
The minutes tick by an' she's prayin' that time
Really heals the heart that bleeds..
The smell of his body on her dirty sheets
The picture inside of the locket she keeps
The long winded kisses, tender embrace
Reminders of love, fallen from grace..


Maybe tomorrow..., uh-huh
Maybe she'll draw the shade...

Nine days without lies...

[Chorus 2x]

Uh... huh...
Nine days without lies...