"The Chamber" lyrics - LENNY KRAVITZ

"The Chamber"

You killed the love that was once so strong
With no regret to what you did wrong
Should I stay and fight?
Can we make this right?

You looked through me like an open door
Do I exist to you anymore?
Cause when I'm talking to you
There's someone else that you're hearing

I gave you all the love I had
And I almost gave you one more chance
Then you put one in the chamber
And shot my heart of glass
This time will be the last

You played your game, used me like a pawn
Check mate you're done and then you were gone
Did I move too fast?
I thought we would last

Now that you're through I can feel your soul
Where there was love lies an empty hole
Cause when I make love to you
It's someone else that you're feeling

[Chorus 2x]

So many nights
I've been standing at the wall
Blind folded with cigarette
Waiting for the fall

[Chorus 3x]