"Someone New" lyrics - LES ROCKETS

"Someone New"

I've been working nights - oh, year
But it's make no change
'cos all that I hear and see
All that I hear keeps bringing back the past
How could I know that weekends never last
And they fade away

They fade away
Like someone new
Like someone new
Like someone new

Love's song it never calls
But it's all the same, the same old sun
You see, you jumped the gun
And you made me one of your hit and runs
Swept me away like last years diaries
That fade to gray with every day
Like someone new

And now the weekends here
I put myself in gear
And should I stop or go
Oh, baby, I don't know
If that's the telephone
I've heard that sound before
I'm running all in vain
(Someone at the door!)
Someone new

Like someone new, Like someone new
Like someone new ...