"The Old Crowd" lyrics - LESLEY GORE

"The Old Crowd"

Sometimes I get to thinkin' 'bout days gone by
And I start cryin' every time
What I wouldn't give if I could just relive
One day with those old friends of mine

No one ever planned it, but every day at 4
We would get together at the corner candy store
We would just ignore the sign "No dancing allowed"
Oh wo yeah, I miss the old crowd

Sally was the funny one, Sue wore the hippest clothes
Eddie was the wise guy, was always one of those
Johnny used to sing off-key before he was allowed
Oh wo yeah, I miss the old crowd

Well now, it's funny when high school gets all through
Friendships always come to an end
Everybody tells you they'll keep in touch, yeah
But you don't see them again, oh no

It's not that I'm unhappy; I know I still have you
But I still think about those good times we knew
We were so carefree & our thoughts were out loud
Oh wo yeah, I miss the old crowd
Yeah, I miss the old crowd