"Best In The Business" lyrics - LIL WAYNE

"Best In The Business"

That's right you already know what the fuck it is man
Weezy F motherfuckin' Baby bitch
I know you love me man
A nigga hate me, believe that man
This right here is the Dedication 2, D2!
Drama! Dramatic and the affiliates man
I appreciate everything y'all does for me
I'mma do it for y'all man
Open your motherfuckin' ears
Sit back and watch what I do
That's right the president baby
Right now, I ain't doing nothing but getting money man
I'm just moving man
I'm loving what we do
I'm Cash Money, Young Money to my heart man
I can't complain y'all, I can't complain
I love y'all man
That's all it's about right now for Lil Weezy man
I just - I'm just being Lil Weezy man, Weezy Baby man
So, like I said man we gonna get into this shit man
We gonna do it how we do, let's go