"Skit" lyrics - LIL WAYNE

(Dwayne Carter / B. Thomas)

You have now reached the end of side A. It's time to turn over, wait turn over? Get a fuckin' CD, asshole. So bring your ass down to fuckin' Sound Advice, pick up a fuckin' CD player, and go to fuckin' Sam Goody, buy the fuckin' CD. Stop copying shit on cassettes, you fuckin' loser and play this shit right. And if you ain't feelin' it, then you're fucked up, you're deaf. So that shit better rattle your fuckin' trunk, better make your fuckin' eardrums bleed. Better make the neighbors go, "What the fuck is? What's so loud? Is there a party at the house?" No, it's fuckin' Lil Wayne's album rockin' this shit, motherfucker