"Prix Freestyle" lyrics - LIL YACHTY

"Prix Freestyle"

I ain't ever been a nigga to try and keep up with the next nigga
I just be doin' what I do, regardless
And I promise I'm still ahead
Far, far ahead
It's Boat (Slatt)

And they know it's me from the jump (Uh)
I'm the same young nigga from the Gump
Young nigga play on my name, get stomped
Half a million dollars, I spend it on junk
Ask my mom, I ain't never been punked
Never been pussy, I ain't never been sweet
Six, seven cars and they all on E
Bitch on E (Slatt) give it up for the free
Eight hunnid thousand dollars made last week
I ain't do shit, not a show in sight
Four, six, pourin' in Sprite, thief in the night
I move with the wind, fuck my buddy bitch, I do it again
Just said they were sisters I knew they were twins
It's a Monday mornin', she booted again
Who lovin' these hoes? That's you and him
My bitch don't know what to do with him
By him, I mean me, I'm movin' out
She curious 'bout what I'm doin' out
No love for no ho if I flew her out
Might paint the whip white, might Jew it out
Ain't get rich overnight, no, I planned it
Sat down and I drew it out
Can a bitch get in front of my bands? No, never, she can't
I'm on the roof watchin' the ranks
I cannot lose and we pour the drank
She off a blue and I'm off a pink
I'm gonna do whatever I think
Don't know what the dude even gon' think
I'm poppin' up in schools and runnin' in banks
Not lookin' at you (Frrp), I'm never not talkin' in vain
It's not that I will do but it's more that you can't
I will not name (Oh no), I will not shame 'cause I know that pain
Nigga, this voodoo, the way I control you (Yes)
Bitch ain't let me fuck back then, oh why? That bitch is old news
I don't wanna put that time in, later on everyone just slid in
I remember they was puttin' they bid in
They ain't think I make it out this long
Said a nigga be a one-hit-wonder
What about when I got on my sixth song? (Six)
Got a bad bitch hoppin' out a gray thong (Gray)
And her boobs just feelin' like a payphone
Off her top, she makin' my day long