"Rose Gold On My Teeth" lyrics - LIL YACHTY

"Rose Gold On My Teeth"

Rose gold on my teeth
Rose gold, rose gold on my teeth
Rose gold, rose gold on my teeth
Damn, damn (This shit legendary, nigga)
Damn, damn, damn (Shoutout my nigga FatManKey)
Damn, damn, damn, damn, damn, uh (What's poppin', Curtis?)

I'm so siddity (Gang)
Might swap a verse for your brother's kidney (Uh)
And this rap game is so strategic and it's getting tricky (Lil Boat)
It's busy Boat, don't you dare forget me (Hey)
On the stage, boy, I dance like Diddy (Yeah)
I turn Icebox to hobby lobbies
Spend a hundred thousand in there damn near weekly (Flex)
You got I2s, not no VVs (Flex)
I stop in Louis V like every week
I gotta see if my checks came (Hoo)
I'm twenty years old, no chest hair (Yeah)
Boy, you can't hide from my crosshair
Go and free the lot out of jail (Yeah)
I'm a big boss like real (Real money)
One-ninety-eight on the scale (Ha)
Put the half a million on grail (Gang)
Uh (Hoo), yeah (Yeah), I'm poppin' out, pop-pop (Bitch)
Ain't 'bout a thing, got a top-shot (Slatt)
I make them lil' bitches lip lock (Gang)
Burberry scarf, Burberry bag
And the whole outfit Woo-ded (All red)
No need to boast, no need to brag
Givin' out watches like healthcare