"Closest Thing To Heaven" lyrics - LIONEL RICHIE

"Closest Thing To Heaven"

An angel's kiss is, the kiss you give me
An angel's touch has, touched my heart
Your love is something, that's truly heavenly
Heaven is here in your arms,
I couldn't sleep at night
And then you blessed my life, with your sweet sexy ways
Oh, now I can't even think what my life would be
To be without you even one day

You're the closest thing to heaven in my world
Never take this heaven from my arms
Don't take your love from me or you'll take everything
You're the closest thing to heaven that I've ever seen
You are, you are the closest thing to heaven
You are, you are

My happiness is just being next to you
You're tenderness has touched my soul
Never knew someone had so much love for me
I'm never letting you go, I thought no one could care
You answered all my prayers with your sweet sexy ways
Oh, you made my life complete when you made love to me
That's why I love you more everyday


Take it away, you are, you are
You are the one love I need in my life
The one touch I need in the night
Whoa? The answer to all of my prayers
Promise me you'll always be there