"Fight The Fight" lyrics - LIVING COLOUR

"Fight The Fight"
(Will Calhoun / Corey Glover / Vernon Reid / Muzz Skillings)

We are all fighting the same fight
We are all in the same war
We are all in the same revolution
You got to know what you're fighting for

Yelling and kicking, trying to stay alive
All the time eyes on the prize
But does anybody hear my cries
Tell me something do I qualify?

TV telling me just we're just the same
What they're talking is the same old game
Tell me if I'm just like you, why can't I do the things
That you do uh?

If war's the key, what door will it open?
Is peace the answer, then what's the question?

War is hell
Peace is hell
Love is hell
Oh what the hell

My heart beat just like yours
When I dream my mind soars
But no fantasy can pay my bills
Another dream unfulfilled

We are all...

Fight the fight
In the war
In this revolution
You've got to know
What you are fighting for