LIZ ANDERSON lyrics - Words I'm Gonna Have To Eat

"Words I'm Gonna Have To Eat"

I don't love you anymore, I'm glad that we are through
Just whatever was it that I thought I saw in you
Take those words and coke and chocolate
And make the sugar sweet
Those are the words that I'm gonna have to eat

I was wrong when I told you I didn't need your love
I can't live without you, so what was I thinking of?
Pride, you had me talking big when I said foolishly
I no longer love you, you don't mean a thing to me

Take those words

I can't stand it, since you're gone this misery has to end
I'll do anything you say to get you back again
Even gladly eat those words to make you satisfy
One by one I'll swallow them together with my pride
I don't love you anymore

Take those words