"Close Your Eyes" lyrics - LIZA MINNELLI

"Close Your Eyes"
(Bernice Petkere)

Ladies and gentlemen - Liza Minnelli
Say yes
Life keeps happenin' every day
Say yes
When opportunity comes your way
You can't start wonderin' what to say
You'll never win if you never play
Say yes
There's?...? and Marigold right outside
And warm white Cadillacs you can ride
Nothin's gained if there's nothin' tried
Say yes
Don't say why
Say why not
What lies beyond what is, is not
So what, say yes...
Yes I can, yes I will
Yes I'll tinker, said yes I'll touch
Yes of cause, yes how nice
Yes I'll happily, thank you very much
Yes, oh-oh, Yes...
There's lots of chaff, there's lots of wheat
You might get mugged as you walk the streets
But on the other hand you might reach
That handsome stranger you've longed to meet
Say yes...
Yes I'll look, yes I'll walk
Yes I'd love to do such and such
Yes I'll try, yes I'll dare
Ye-es I-I'll fly, ye-es I- I'll share
And yes I am, and yes I'll be
And yes I'll go...
Oh Yes...