"The Debutante's Ball" lyrics - LIZA MINNELLI

"The Debutante's Ball"

In a hall filled with light
So poised and polite
They twist and they twirl
In dresses of white
They dance through the night
In their tight little world

[Bridge 1:]
Faces all of wonder
As they play the game
And all you need is a number
Following your name

Oh, come one and all
To the debutante's ball
It's very refined
See pale wooden faces
From all of the best places
Just standing in line

[Bridge 2:]
Oh, I think Quentin P. Taylor the Third is here
And I see John Thomas Bailey the Ninth
And I guess every rich girl in the world is here
And they all have the time of their life

Oh, if you're invited
You should be delighted
Not everyone's asked to come
No one gets stoned
It's all chaperoned
And it's just good clean fun

[Bridge 3:]
Isn't it a wonder
That to play the game
Well, all you need is a number
Following your name?


What a wonderful sight
It just seems to be right
That there's something to do
For the rich people, too
So light up the hall
There's dancing for all
At the debutante's ball