"All Of Me" lyrics - LLOYD PRICE

"All Of Me"

I appreciate your resistance shorty,
Hmm, I wouldn't fuck with me either
All of me, that is.
Lets go

Hey girl,
I like what you've got on
How about you take it off
It's just you and me don't be shy
Baby show me what you're working with.
Damn, you're so fine
I've never seen a body so divine
What you waitin on?
Come and get it
Baby I just want a little bit,
Better yet

Take all of me
All of me
Because I just want to give you my all.
So can you take all of me?
All of me..
Your body is telling me what you want
So Ima give it all.

Where you going girl?
Don't run away
You was talking all that shit the other day
About how you can take it
And how I wasn't ready..
Baby I think you're mistaken
Because you're over there,
I'm over here
Now you're looking scared
Why'd you disappear?
I told you Ima come correct
And I ain't even break a sweat
Girl, I ain't even finished yet


Hold up,
Wale though.
Love is what she needs,
But a brother can really just give in
With that said,
What she brings got me thinking I can reconsider
Got me thinking she can be my Mrs.
Got me thinking that I need to stop trippin
Smoking, talking 'bout our pain
Drinking 'til we in our feelings
Uhh, whats rougher is I like her when I like her
She dislikes the fact 'cuz I like the fact
That can't fight back for she loves more
And she loves hard
When she does so,
I'm on and on
Because the last time I said the last time
That my old flame was a false alarm
I know, I know, I'm not the best
At monogamy
But be an optimist
And let God protect as far as having you
Give me half of you,
He can have the rest
No promises,
Believe its all just game girl
Because if I go inside that,
I bet you'd go insane girl