"On My Own Again" lyrics - LORETTA LYNN

"On My Own Again"

On my own again.
How do I tell him I don't know who I am?
I feel those feelings again.
My hands are shakin' like leaves in the wind.

And in the hall hangs a photograph.
Hard to believe after all these years.
But life can travel by so fast, you turn around and it's gone.

On my own again.
I can't believe he left me here all alone.
We talked of children and friends.
The kids never came and the friends have moved on.

He always took good care of it all.
And always hated to see me cry.
This time he couldn't climb that wall.
And I can't hold back the tears, oh no.

Oh, sometimes I feel so sad inside.
Sometimes I'm angry too, yeah.
If I could only bring him back, he'd know just what to do.

On my own again.
A perfect stranger stands at my door.
Oh, Lord, where do I begin?
I can't believe I'm starting over once more.

On my own again.
Someday we'll look back and remember when.
On my own again.
Oh, heaven, hold him in your arms until then.

On my own again.