"Mr. Tenor Man" lyrics - LOU CHRISTIE

"Mr. Tenor Man"

They talk about the bass man, he had success
Oh what they say about him, I couldn't care less
But I'm a tenor man and a-don't you forget
That I have got the sound that the kids love best

(Listen to the tenor man, listen to the tenor man
Listen to the tenor man, ah)

They all come around and we hit the town
They never start screamin' till they hear this sound
Now I don't care about a "boom boom boom"
They don't start to swoon till they hear me croon

They talk about tenors day and night
Don't care if the sound is wrong or right
All I have to do is open my mouth
Everybody wants to jump and shout

Now, Mr. Bass Man, before you go
Let me hear you "boom boom" just once more
Together now!