"Pepino's Friend Pasqual (The Italian Pussy-Cat)" lyrics - LOU MONTE

"Pepino's Friend Pasqual (The Italian Pussy-Cat)"

Peppin c'u Pasquale chell tien na cap fresca
M' strazzn i gazzett e jettn' i scarp da finestr
A sera in da cucin chell fann nu banchett
Nun fann cerimonie mang lass' na pulpett

Peppin u suricill ma pecche' nun te ne vajh?
E pporta ta Pasquale chell' e' propr n'atu guajh
A ssera 'ngoppo lijtt voj durmit da bell da bell
E iu senz'a cupert agja' durmi abbasciu sell

Peppin a du sta u baccala'?

Peppin u sulicill sa mbarat u mandulin
Pasqual u gatterill chelle sohn u violin
A sser' quann e' tard chelle fann a serenad
M' pare due cumpar Cric e Croc e Mangiafran!

[English Transcribed (Possibly):]
Peppino and Pasquale are refreshed
They tear up my socks and throw my shoes out the window
At night they have a banquet in the kitchen
They don't stand on ceremony - they left a meatball

Peppino the Mouse - why don't you go away!?
And bring Pasquale with you - he's just turned out to be another woe
At night you (guys) are sleeping soundly in bed
And I'm already down here in the basement sleeping without a blanket

Peppino the Mouse is learning how to play the mandolin'
Pasquale the Cat is playing the violin'
At night when it's late they play a serenade
They seem like two buddies to me: Cric and Croc and Mangiafran!

[English Alternate Transcribed (Possibly):]
Pepino, and just a little buddy, Pasqual, the Italian Pussycat.
Pasquale, say hello for me.
Buon Giorno!
Pepino, oh you crazy mouse why can't you let me be?
I sent that cat to chase you, now you've got him chasing me!
And when I try to sleep at night I can't get any rest.
Pasqual comes and licks my face while you dance on my chest.

I said Pasquale listen now, please help me catch that mouse!
My girlfriend's so afraid of him she won't come in the house!
But when I turn my back he steals the meatballs from the tray
And now that cat and mouse are playing gauche-ball all day!

Pepino, oh you crazy mouse why can't you let me be?
I sent that cat to chase you, now you've got him chasing me!
He's putting holes in all the floors and scratching up the walls
He's chasing all the neighbors down the stairs and through the halls!

Eurizi! Now what do you want?
We want to take your picture.
Oh! Like in Hollywood!
[Pasquale:] Stand against the wall.
[Pepino:] You ready?
[Lou:] Go ahead! Shoot!