"Every Frog Has His Day" lyrics - LOU REED

"Every Frog Has His Day"

Oh mellifluous dwarf
prince of all the jesters
Funny little thing you are
Make me laugh
As God's voluminous star

[Hop Frog:]
Gracious majesty
Today is not made for laughter day
This moment sacred is more for royal sunsets
Then comic ruin or suicidal jests

I'll be the judge of that thank you
Make me laugh le petite cur
Drink some wine
Lest you foul sweet time

[Hop Frog:]
Drink upsets me
please your liege
This would mark the death me

I said drink you scabrous whore
Are you deaf as well as short?

Kingdom's Sire
big as you are
Save such
bile for larger foes

Make me laugh
'Fore I stretch your neck like a giraffe