"Feel So Good" lyrics - LOUDON WAINWRIGHT III

"Feel So Good"

I feel so good, it must be wrong
I feel like I might just come on strong
Gets a better knock on wood
Because it feels so good

You look so nice, it brings me down
You notice how you got me hangin' around
I'm waitin' for some bad advice
You look so nice

Now you got the wrong impression
Let me make a full confession
I feel so bad, it must be right
I have myself a nightmare every night
All of my friends are glad, come to feel so bad

I've been so far, I must be back
[Incomprehensible] highway, railroad track
Won't you tell me where we are?
Been so far

Yeah, so good, you think it's true, yeah
It's funny how a man can count on you
I knew exactly where I stood
In life, so good

A cool headin' in life
I bet that you can't survive me
I know so much I lost my mind
Or maybe this world can [Incomprehensible]

I got myself a special cut, I love so much
And I've been so far, yeah and I feel so good
Feel so good
Feel so good