"I'd Rather Lead A Band" lyrics - LOUDON WAINWRIGHT III

"I'd Rather Lead A Band"

You know that I haven't ambitions
For lofty positions
That wind up with the wealth of the land
I'll give you the throne that a king sat on
For just a small baton
Providing you included a band

If I could be the wealthy owner of a large industry
I would say, "Not for me"
I'd rather lead a band

If I could be a politician with a chance to dictate
I would say, "Let it wait"
I'd rather lead a band

I'm rich as old Croesus
My ev'ry care ceases
When I've got ten pieces in hand

If I could have a millionairess with a whole flock of banks
I would just whisper "Thanks"
I'd rather lead a band

Saxophone! A slide trombone!
A bass fiddle and a drum
I got a piano who makes it hum!
A violin! Yeah, a clarinet!
A hot trumpet and guitar
I lead with a baton and there you are!


I'm touched like King Midas
You don't dare deny us!
We've rhythm inside us
This Band!

If Josephine had left Napoleon and climbed in my lap
I'd say, "Go back to Nap"
I'd rather lead a band