"Judy" lyrics - LOUIS PRIMA

(Hoagy Carmichael / Sammy Lerner)

If her voice can bring,
Every hope of Spring,
That's Judy,
My Judy,

If her eyes say "yes",
But you're wrong in your guess,
That's Judy,
My Judy.

If you hear her call,
In a soft, southern drawl,
"Hi! Stranger!",
That's danger.

If you're smart; watch your heart,
She'll upset 'most any fellows apple cart!

In a hundred ways,
You'll be shouting her praise,
She'll let 'ya,
She'll get 'ya.

When she sees you fall,
She will will tell you "That's all..."
"You wrtech 'ya!"
You betcha.

Then you'll know all the heartaches,
Of a fool just like me.

If she seem a saint,
And you'll find that she ain't,
That's Judy,
Sure as you're born!