"Thus Spoke Oberon" lyrics - LUCIFER'S FRIEND

"Thus Spoke Oberon"

So she said, what a wonderful world I found
Flowers of dawn, the morning year
So she laughed, what a wonderful world you see
No one can find me no she sighted

And thus spoke Oberon will fly the evening sky
Together hand in hand we let the days go by
For me perfume to summer wheels has turned around

So she said, what a wonderful world I'd found
Death doesn't see me anywhere
So she said, what a wonderful world, you see
Flowers of dawn, the evening weeps

Misty Mountain Queen your hand
It's wide with time
Your belly screening silver screens
For in that mine

But who am I to tell on me that flesh is clear

So she said what a wonderful day, today
Living a life I can't go wrong