"This Old Heartache" lyrics - LUCINDA WILLIAMS

"This Old Heartache"

It's been a month of Sunday's since I laid eyes on you
Have you changed your ways or have you even tried to
I wish I could kill all this worry and regret
But I am haunted still by the things I can't forget

It's hard to take, this old heartache
It's drivin' me out of my mind
I can't take it and I can't shake it
And it lives with me all the time

People look at me and they think I've got it all
I'm happy and go lucky and I'll never take a fall
What they never see when they look from the outside
Is the thing that tortures me and eats me up inside


You think that I don't care hut you don't have a clue
Life is never fair, no matter what you do
And if you only knew az the thoughts I live with every day
And the peace of mind it costs and the hell I have to pay


Yeah, it lives with me all the time