"Intro (Candydrip)" lyrics - LUCKY DAYE

"Intro (Candydrip)"
(David Brown / Dernst Emile II / Alex Isley / Mike McGregor)

If I knew where to start
I would probably have your heart
I know I'm no contender
Neither a winner in your book
I turn the page just to see your face
What is this phase? You
And more beautiful color than the beginning of all womankind
Clawin' my way out of your grasp isn't as inevitable as I thought it would be in my mind
But maybe I don't wanna go, yeah?
I know there's other fish in the sea
Maybe I don't want a boat
I hate to bring sand to the beach
But maybe I wanna gloat
'Cause your eyes match good vibes like fat ass and thick thighs
Excuse me, miss butterfly (Allow me to show you something)
Back at my beehive, we could sine your pitty on the runny kine
Real supercalifragilistic, like I mean
Better than the average type, I mean, like
Not a main cabin flight high
Miss Cola your profile name since that's what you shaped like, right?
That's my guys, they told me
But that's me, I know you
I will run halfway across the world for you (Sip)
Deep sea diving in the bottom of the ocean lookin' for a pearl for you (Sip)
You probably like to straighten your hair, but you don't know what them curls'll do (Sip)
I'll cut off every other girl for you (Sip)
Anybody hurt my baby, I'm hurlin' you (Sip)
Huh, huh