"Behind The Wheel" lyrics - LUCY WAINWRIGHT ROCHE

"Behind The Wheel"

I hear that you drive now
And that you're alive now
Guess that means you survived, now
What you said you could not somehow
And I know that there's new love
And it's only your thought of
I still watch for you from up above the street
Looking down

[Clears throat]

Oh, the road it does not end
And I made a few new friends
And the olds one have been quick to lend
A sure and loving hand
So I'm as lucky as four lanes
What more could I need?
Answer me just this once please
Before you go again

How does it feel to be
The one behind the wheel?
Awake in the dark
While she sleeps for your love
I can almost see you now

[Footsteps walking away]