"Pantry (Acoustic Version)" lyrics - LYLE LOVETT

"Pantry (Acoustic Version)"

My dear I have something to ask you
And I'll try to get it right
You've heard the Light Crust Doughboys
All sing of Martha White
Oh the way to someone's heart dear
That old expression's true
So as long as we're apart
Here's my request of you:

Don't cheat on me with cornbread,
Don't cheat on me with beans
And don't cheat on me with bacon, cooked up with collard greens
Don't cheat on me with biscuits with jelly sweet and blue
Keep it in that place where
You know you will be true

Keep it in your pantry [8x]

I hate that I am leaving
And leaving you behind
But soon I'll be returning
With a healthy appetite
Oh and if you are not hungry
As you once were before
I'll know you have betrayed me
Behind that kitchen door

Keep it in your pantry [8x]

I've dined the whole world over
I've had the fries of France
The melons of Verona
The sausage of Gdansk

No matter where I've been to,
From _________ to Rome
Nothin's quite as tasty as what's cookin' right at home

Keep it in your pantry [8x]