LYNN ANDERSON lyrics - I Wish I Was A Little Boy Again

"I Wish I Was A Little Boy Again"

Just a few short years ago
I played a lot with Bill and Joe
They seemed to think that I was quite a guy
I could climb the highest tree
And they would always follow me
We had friendship I thought would never die

Then I changed from tomboy girl
And grew into a woman's world
And moved away, leaving my old friends
Now I'm miles and years away
But I still dream of childhood days
And I wish I was a little girl again

'Cause girls grow into women
And boys grow into men
And the world of make believe
All too soon must end
And I blame that awful change
For the shape my life is in
How I wish I was a little girl again

I married someone they don't know
And socially they're far below
The kind of life that I now live with him
The man I married is cold to me
For all his wealth he just can't see
That love cannot be bought you have to give

I wish I'd married one of them
Instead of being here with him
If I could leave right now I think I'd go
I'd trade this mansion I hate so
For a small treehouse with Bill or Joe
I wish I was a little girl again