"Partly Bill" lyrics - LYNN ANDERSON

"Partly Bill"

There was an emptiness within my life along about the time he came along
And so I guess that you could say that when he came along he came on pretty strong
'Cause back then suddenly it seemed to me the emptiness within me had been filled
And when I wondered what the reasons were I had to answer at least partly Bill
Partly Bill (partly Bill) partly Bill
I can remember hearing music with the pretty words of love he had to say
And I reacall the times of laughter and the joy that I felt on our wedding day
He was the only real fulfillment that the world has shown me yet and even still
I know that I'm a different person and a part of me is surely partly Bill
Partly Bill (partly Bill) partly Bill
But then the sad part of the story came when Bill just seemed to lose his love for me
And when he left me the effect on me was plain enough for anyone to see
But then when everybody asked me what was on my mind I shyly answered them
I said it's not a great big problem but I will admit the problem's partly him
Partly him (partly him) partly Bill
Now here I am and everybody thinks I'm all alone with no one to call mine
But I don't feel my life is empty all I need is just the passing of some time
I've got a special feeling deep inside me telling me that he is with me still
And when the baby grows up strong and tall I'll tell them all that he is partly Bill Partly Bill (partly Bill) partly Bill