"I Still Love You (You Still Love Me)" lyrics - MAC DAVIS

"I Still Love You (You Still Love Me)"
(Mac Davis / Mark James)

Staring at the Fire
Listening for the phone
God knows I don't ever remember
Feeling so alone

You sit by the window
Listening to the wind
Dreaming of the days gone by
When you and I were friends
'Cause yesterday seems like
Two million miles away
Our lives have gone astray
We've run out of things to say

And the way we used to be
Is just a bitter sweet memory
We're both blind and we can't see
That I still love you
You still love me...

In the dark hours of the morning
Lately I don't sleep so warm
Feels like I've been lying here
With the stranger in my arms

Girl, we got to face it
Let's talk it out today
We got to get that real in bed
Before it slips away