"1 Threw 8" lyrics - MAC MILLER

"1 Threw 8"

(What are you afraid of?) [4x]
Uh... 1 2 1 2...
Sometimes I see the uh

[Verse 1: Mac Miller:]
Sometimes I see the world for how fucked up it really is
I tell myself I'll be the one to make a change in it
I could die tonight, not make it to the sunrise
Then I couldn't heal the pain in it
I'm gettin' high to forget about the lows though
Get a pay check, spend it all on polo
Designer brands cover up my insecurities
Personally I ain't nothin' but an average Joe though
Now I'm dressin' so expensive, for no reason
Cold world we livin' in, it's below freezin'
I got a family, can't afford a coat
So I leave a little paper there before I go
Spend a thousand on a hotel, they poor and broke
Made me wonder who I'm prayin' to before the show
This a letter to whoever, I'm just tryna set you free
Remember love, if you can't, remember me

Dear people on earth after I die, what's the weather like?
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and I ain't perfect but I try
Hey, I wonder if I'll maybe get a second life
This time I'm a get it right

[Verse 2: Mac Miller:]
It's either God or the devil with these drugs I'm on
I don't know if we were meant to see it all like this
Still, plantin' seeds so my money long
Money addict, it's a habit that palms gon' itch
I wish we could just all get rich
Sometimes not havin' money is all I miss
And yet these hoes that roll up on my dick
The all American girl, that's just a blond head bitch
Am I supposed to have some thoughts like this?
Could we figure out what God might've miss?
It's funny that these questions never get an answer
Life a bitch sometimes you got to reprimand her
Never understand her, why should I even try?
Live forever then you never feel the need to die
This a letter, open it to set you free
Remember love and remember me

What does it mean to be a sensation? Do you have to be sensational?
And how you know you made it?
When you're with Killa Cam, watchin' Paid in Full
I never had good grades in school but, shock the world is what I came to do
I got a song I wanna play for you, so can you sing that back to me?