"Lost" lyrics - MAC MILLER


Sour Hour
Most Dope
What's good?

I'm calm, cool
Got a blunt gonna roll up two
Don't panic, 'cause I'ma take over this planet
Got the advantage to the cut like a bandage
Only Ned all up in your band with, no beaver
But God dammit this sour I smoke enhance it
Got a helicopter where should I land it
Been searching but can't find it, the things I do is timeless
Where the fuck did this kid find this, rhyme shit, hit lime piff
Always see me chilling with a fine bitch, let her show me where her mind is
That silence, its private, so sign less
Want a Bentley and a big backyard
Friendly but a big rap star
Still, show love more bud to roll up, smoke duds so much to toke up
Wanna big cigar or maybe in the mood for a doob
If I roll one of these G's up, boy you gotta roll one too
See I'm high but I'm stuck in school, don't know what the fuck to do
Self made designed my own mind like a pair of custom shoes, so keep 'em
Fresh please, finna ball bout to win an SB, Gretzky
Your spitting doesn't impress me
You walk but you got two left feet
Drink vodka with my Pepsi
I'm drunk, you sober, I'm starting, it's over
Red Rover, Red Rover, you can't break down my wall
My hour is so sour so I ain't gonna answer calls
I'm lost