"Successful" lyrics - MAC MILLER


I try and be the man my pops see in me
Drivin' down this road they call easy street
Waiting for the light to turn green
And life is all good when they sights is on me
Tonight they call me money-driven Mac
'Cause once I see them dollars, I ain't goin' give 'em back
At the edge of your seat, you need to just relax
This ain't the main course, I'm just giving you a snack
But soon you'll be ready for a meal
But I ain't ready, so y'all can just chill
'Cause I know that I ain't ready for a deal yet
I ain't even get a chance to play the field yet
Just started, I need to break a real sweat
But I haven't spit somethin' they ain't feel yet
Well holdup, everybody got some haters
They hatin' on the Steelers and in love with the Raiders
Angry at the top from the bottom
Tryna' pull ya leg, hopin' that you'll fall and break
But I ain't makin' that mistake
I had to do this beat when I heard my man Drake
For goodness sake, this shit just sets me in a trance
Some people wanna listen, and the rest just dance
That's cool with me 'cause I like to get my groove on
I'm comin' with some new songs, tryin' not to do wrong
But lately it's been kinda hard
'Cause money on my mind
And the only time I'm stuck behind the bar
Is when I'm thinkin' of the next line to rhyme
But this shit, I ain't even have to think about
Picked up the pen and the ink started spillin' out
I'm so high I believe that I can feel the clouds
So I hope y'all feel me now
The way these haters grillin', it kinda tickles
'Cause they think that they got me in a pickle
But in reality I'm chess moves ahead of 'em
And I ain't sick of people comparing me to Eminem
Funny to me, the more money I see
The more, places to go, different countries to see
I'm just turning up the heat to 100 degrees
Spittin' like I got a razor blade under my teeth