"The Spins" lyrics - MAC MILLER

"The Spins"
feat. Empire of the Sun

Dope shit like that Germ
OH! hi
Welcome back to Kids

Ummmm..[?] Follow your dreams

Wanna Get A Mansion
A jacuzzi A theater to watch my movies
A couple whips and lots of fancy things
The Kids they call the Goonies
I, see the future the crystal ball
Mirror Mirror hangin' on the wall
Who the flyest white boy a dem all?
Got your girlfriend screenin all da calls

She Bubbalin
We fuckin'
And you cuddling
Baby where da fuck ya been?
Don't wanna tell you she in love with him
So! So! we, ain't sayin' nothing
You could probably tell she bluffin
'Cause she kiss you with the mouth
She gave me head with my concussion

Yeah she blushin
All Red
Wanna Rush and go to bed
You interrogate that bitch like you'd the Feds
So she says
She in love with a rock-star. rock-star
Wanna Smoke my weed
So She asks me where the tops are. Tops are

Hurry! I need you! AHAA!
I'm Low
I'm Low
Just some motha fuckin' Kids!

Hurry! I need you! AHAA!
I'm Low
I'm Low

Hey Germ! Hey
These hoes is drunk
Wanna come and smoke this blunt
Then let me take'em home
And do anything I want
I say baby I can Ride ya
Just let me get inside ya
I can take you higher if you hit this vaporizer!

I got dat dope dig
I'll be your supplier
You grabbin on my sheets
And hittin notes like you Maria

Obsessed with me
Wanna dress a freak on Ecstasy
I'm Out and then she textin me
Like... what you doin' next week. next week

Hear me now!
I'm down on knees and praying
Though my faith is weak
Without you so please baby please
Give us a chance
Make amends and I will stand up till the end
A million times of trillion hearts

Hurry! I need you! AHAA!
I'm Low
I'm Low

Hey Homie!
Don't be mad that your girl loves me
It's not my fault
I'm just doin' me
The girl love me let her love me
Ya feel me?

So baby.
Baby don't cry
I want you to fly
You by my side