"Three Blind Mice" lyrics - MAC MILLER

"Three Blind Mice"

[Verse 1:Mac Miller]
Aye yo three blind mice get a peace sign nice
Boy my bars so clean need to rewind twice
Gotta board a spaceship just to reach my height
And soon these magazines will believe my hype
Your bars are clever, my R's are better
Play with constellations bring the stars together
Going hard forever
I'm never gonna stop
Have em' hold they breath every time the beat drop
Reebok pumps and a crew neck sweater
Got a chess board ready but you want to play checkers
Stella ella ola,clap clap clap
Tell that little chicka chicka bring that ass back
E-R that's how you spell
My name bitch don't you forget it
And Im'a go hard withe every sentence

[Hook 2x]
You can get with this or you can get with that
Everytime I meet a chick, she wanna get with Mac
That's just how it is, listen to my song
So if you feeling good, clap your hands and sing along

[Verse 2:Mac Miller]

Hey, my name's Mac and its nice to meet ya
I'm all about my cheese like a slice a pizza
So high that Im'a type of fever
Looking fresh with a new pair of Nike sneakers
Used to be the kid that they thought was a fool
Badass, momma never taught me the rules
I'm clean, you got some laundry to do
Not you ho, nobody was talking to you
On Pluto, see the way I walk on the moon
Gotta cool flow, loadin up my rocket to shoot
Like boom yo, it go bla-oww
So how the fuck you like me now
'Cuz my style so unorthodox
This some ham an eggs shit, got some pork and chops
Got em going crazy like a half court shot
You hatin' cuz I'm cool and perhaps your not


You can get with this or you can get with that
Ha ha-ha ha-ha ha, ha
Alright y'all, to the beat y'all, party rock y'all, to the beat y'all
Hey ho, hey ho, hey ho
And that is the way it goes