"Up All Night" lyrics - MAC MILLER

"Up All Night"
(Eric Dan / Jeremy Kulousek / Malcolm McCormick)

Fill it up, fill it up!

[Verse 1: Mac Miller:]
Let me get another cup please
I ain't drivin' home, so you can have my keys
Got a bunch of tricks all hidden up my sleeve
So I'mma get drunk, won't be leavin' till 3
Yeah, I got a reputation of gettin' wasted
Everything in sight, homie we ain't tryna save shit
[?], So no I can't see, bitch
Sexy bartenders always get a really mean tip
Life's so good, please enjoy it!
End of every night when your head's in the toilet
Yeah we party hard, give a fuck about employment
Kill the whole bottle we'll be spinnin' like a coin flip
We ain't goin' home no time soon
I'm on shot number 4 [2x]
Stand by the keg, let the host find you
Gettin' nice, I'll be up all night
We stayin' up all night

I ain't got shit to do tomorrow, tomorrow
We up all night

Drink drink drink drink
Drink drink drink drink
Drink till we can't no more

[Verse 2: Mac Miller:]
Head starts spinnin' and my legs get wobbly
Every mornin' wake up, liquor in my coffee
Yeah I'm tryna party, find a open house crib
Screw the law, we just some motherfuckin' kids
Never listen to nobody who was tryin' to tell me "no"
'Cause I got no problem being way outta control
Got these ladies go crazy at every single show
But you ain't drunk enough until you takin' off your clothes
Not me, you can do you
Do some crazy shit that's poppin' up on Youtube
Finna rock out, I ain't talkin' U2
Passing out, waking up without shoes
Live life on the edge, sharper than a razor
Like my liquor straight, I don't ever need no chaser
Have a good time, ain't no reason we should fight
Party with me, we stayin' up all night
We stayin' up all night

Fill it up, fill it up!

We stayin up all night!