"Mayhem (H.A.M.)" lyrics - MACHINE GUN KELLY

"Mayhem (H.A.M.)"

Make it count...
EST, that's my team, ho
EST, that's my team, ho
Let me show you what them EST boys, do
Let's go!

[Verse 1: Dubo]
I'm on fire, get the water hose
Bitch I'mma go live
I'm outside in the garden, with all the hoes
Dubo (what?) gotta give them that new shit
She told me to take it slow 'cause too fast and a nigga might lose it
Swag up (who?) me and my team
Bitch I'm in Cleveland where them niggas get stretched like a limousine
Panty up, "get dough" that's all I know
Ciroc all in my cup, kush ho that's what I roll
Haters mad 'cause their pots is broke and they need it fixing
Why every girl I come across got a man but just need the dick?
Fuck him (fuck him) you too (you too)
That's why I fucked her, upload on youtube
EST (EST) them boys go off the chain (off the chain)
Broken links, red thing I'm off the chain (off the chain)
Lace up (lace up) be the motto I die by (by)
Lace God, took a piece and I ride by

[Hook 1]
Uh yea yea (yea) yea (yea)
I've been going HAM
Yea yea yea
Man, I've been going HAM
Man, somebody tell them Dubo is who I am
EST, man, I've been going HAM
Man, somebody tell them Dubo is who I am
EST, that's my team ho

[Verse 2: Machine Gun Kelly]
Kells, that's all bitch
Two cellphones, I don't call shit
I'm a east side boy, no office
Hold up, man fuck who? Aw shit (rahh)
You deported out
Shoulda kept your jaw closed like cottonmouth
And the haters wanna see what I am all about
Then Imma turn this motherfucker to a slaughterhouse
I've got a duffle bag reserved for sweaters and shirts
Of all the victims I done put in the dirt
But I brought the money that I paid for the gun
Dug 'em back up, shot again and got my money's worth
And I use a condom for every little comment made
By haters on my YouTube page
Got a used chainsaw that I call Slim Shady
And a sawed off shotty named Kurt Cobain
I'm just playing
Two girls in the living room and I ain't paying
They already know what time it is and I ain't saying
A damn thing 'cause if they ain't fucking I ain't staying
I'm a nutcase, for fuck sakes I need help
I can't keep on my belt
Haters are all over my dick so much, I pulled out and hopped on my goddamn self
Tell me, are you, gonna get down with EST, MGK and DUB?
We the best in the game since MJ and Scottie P
We the Bulls in '93
Motherfuckers shoulda known wassup
No jersey on 'cause they already knowing who I am
Got a call from the chef today, told me come to the kitchen

[Hook 2]
Because they know I go HAM
Go go, I go HAM
Read my tats, I'm the main mayhem
Yea, bitch 'cause that's what I am
Mayhem and I've been going HAM
Somebody tell him Kid Kells who I am
EST and we been going HAM
Yea, Kid Kells who I am
EST, that's my team ho