"On My Way" lyrics - MACHINE GUN KELLY

"On My Way"
(Colson Baker / Jon Bishop / MGK / Irvin Whitlow)

[Verse 1: MGK]
Now they say home is where the hate is
Pulling up, "Hi, haters!"
I know, I've been on a hiatus
Caught up in the lights I've been blinded by Las Vegas
Ain't it ironic before I was twenty one
I put my future on the table and I won?
See they told me, "Life's a gamble"
Now this is my casino
Made sure my fellas good
Now I'm Robert DeNiro, sipping Clicquot
With the girl that held me down from the beginning
My team throwing up L's
But it's funny 'cause we winning
A million talked down, soon as I rose from the bottom
But opinions assholes now, everybody got 'em
So they ask me why I do it
I do it for the streets
Heard momma got out the grill
Man I do it for the grease
Man I do it for the five pack of Hanes wife-beats
That I wore like everyday to show my brand new ink
Shit I remember working jobs, just so I could hit the dance up
Never had a date, so I really didn't dance much
Couldn't buy my own, so I just borrowed my dad's tux
Told him, "Keep the loafers" kept it gully with my black Chucks
So you can keep watching the stars
But me I wanna be 'em
And I just beat the odds
I guess we can call it even
'Cause the underdog
Went from flipping patties at a Fuddruckers
To living lavish then a muhfucker
God damn!


Ooooooh weee!
We got stories for days man, for days. They just got to listen. Ay Slim! Oh and if y'all don't know, that's like my best friend right there. But any way it's safe to say we're on our way man. Bout time though. Shit! Ay you remember when my dad kicked me out right after we met and I showed up at your house the next day with a U-Haul like "hey you wanna move in with me?" Or matter a fact, nah, nah, you remember the time we had those two girls over and Dub called like "yo these dudes tryna jump me up here at The If!" Oh that's what we called the store across from our crib, "The If" 'cause it was on a 130th. But anyway though man we left the girls there sitting with the doors open, sprinting to the store, ready to fight, and this fool closed like "ahhh got y'all, I was just playin'." Damn I still wanna whoop his ass for that shit. Nah, nah, nah, nah, matter fact you remember when you wanted to buy your first keyboard? So we went and gathered up spare change like everyday and walked into that bank with a heavy ass bag of nickels and they were lookin' at us like man what the fuck? Hahaha we too grounded to be Hollywood. Man, this about as Hollywood as Im'a get. Peep this!

[MGK-Verse 2]
Hold up
Okay I heard they want the classics
My life's a movie like the Truman Show without the cameras
They look at us like we a couple Boyz N Da Hood
Four Brothers till the end like them boys in The Wood
So I Light It Up, for them Friday Night Lights with the team
In The Notebook, holding my Requiem for a Dream
I was Superbad in the class I just Dazed off
So I played sick and lived Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Back in Cooley High, students used to nickname us The Goonies
Every night we blacked out, shit they should've called us roofies
Get out of bed Half Baked, roll another doobie
So many snacks up in my house they call the crib Scooby
Blowing oowee man I swear this As Good As It Gets
Godfather told me, "Keep doing that music shit"
He said, "Your piece of the American Pie is waiting"
From the bottom to the top, Almost Famous