"The End" lyrics - MACKLEMORE & RYAN LEWIS

"The End"

We came in together, but you held me
The process walking right through that door, at the entry
I can't seem to remember, the lights were so bright
And the disco-ball blurred in the turn of that night
But it was perfect I was told the tux was starched and all
Grabbed the glass of punch nervousness struck, stood by that wall
Arms folded, myself I didn't know yet
Until you came over, stood by me, you poasted
You put your hand out like I was stranded
Tried to pull me on that dance floor.I stepped backwards
See I wasn't ready yet, but you were my medicine
You showed me that trust through that love that you held me with
Our backs against the wall as the DJ would spin
The soundtrack had changed as he played that mix
Our lives flashed in front of us, just a glimpse
We were together and experience this

You finally pulled me up
I didn't want to
But you filled me up, from the bottom of my heart
And as we walked through that gymnasium that I'd been watching
Feeling like my chest would explode from my heartbeat
To the middle of the floor, I almost panicked
You put your hand out and I fearfully grabbed it
The most beautiful thing that I'd seen on this planet
She laughed 'cause you could tell that I didn't know how to dance yet
We started moving
And I, didn't know what I was doing
You whispered, "Don't you love music?
It's such a gift and I'll give it to you
But you gotta use it"

I strayed
She brought me back in
Trying to sneak a flask outside of that gym
She said, "You don't need that, look within"
She hugged me, looked into my eyes, she gave me a kiss
And she said, "I can't help you, if you don't let me
You're here to live just be, don't forget me
The end of this dance you don't want to regret me
Live, cos tonight you'll all be set free"

"Last dance!" the DJ yelled
Looked into her eyes and I could see myself
Slow motion
Frozen, toast to this moment
Like there is no morning, like there is no mourning
No emotions, you on my shoulder
Me lead and you follow
As we circle the floor like the globe
Through this infinite mass
Makes us seem so small
With you in my hand like the skyline holds the stars
Not letting go
But I can't hold on
Fading through my fingertips
Watching us fall
I try to catch you with my arms
I would never take it for granted when I had you in my palms
To all I ever wanted
Please play my song
And put the record to the needle
Don't ever touch that off switch
You are perfect, forget that prom dress
My God, seconds away from God yes
Somebody turned the heat on in this party
Or we're becoming one because I'm melting into your body
One being, heartbeating, universe falling
The ground split right between us and that concrete
Separated my love
I could hear her calling
Separated, but I could hear her calling
Goodbye forever
Never see you again
Winterball 2012
"The End"