"More Time" lyrics - MADELEINE PEYROUX

"More Time"
(Linton Kwesi Johnson)

Well we marching out the world towards the new century
Armed with the new technology
We getting more and more productivity
Some say things looking up for prosperity
But if everyone is going to get a share this time
Old mentality must be left behind

I want the shorter working day
The shorter working week
Longer holidays
Peace and quiet

More time for leisure, for pleasure
For edification and creation
Time to contemplate, to ruminate
And to relay
Gimme more time
More time
We need more time

A full time and abolish unemployment
Revolutionize labour deployment
Full time and abolish overtime
Let everybody get a work this time
We need a higher quality of "livity"
And we need it now
And for everybody
I want the shorter working year
The shorter working life

More time for the husband
More time for the wife
More time for the children
For to train them
For do educate then create

More time for living
More time for life
Give me more time
Give me more time
We need more time

More time to meditate
And relate
And create
More time