"Operation Lifesaver AKA Mint Test" lyrics - MADVILLAIN

"Operation Lifesaver AKA Mint Test"

[Intro: Sample]
"The world is under attack at this very moment by the most powerful forces man has ever seen! Fate from the depths of the earth, 'Operation: Lifesaver' is in effect, as of right now!"

[Verse: MF DOOM]
Wow, it caught me off guard
I went to breathe out but then she made me cough hard
Contact the god and let him know to slip two in
Fine, how are you doing?
Can I get you a drink? This one's a shoo-in
Awkward situation that I'm on a mission to ruin
Her big butt and smile was like camo
Hit up the men's room, we need more ammo (Reload)
Watch your 3 o'clock, a new recruit
That's her gin and Juicy Juice, use a stick of Juicy Fruit
(Fire in the hole) She just knew she was cute
It's in her own best interest
It's less stress, hit her with the "Do you need a mint?" test
It don't matter if she's slim or dressed to impress
I won't rest, fellas don't fess
Some of 'em just need to eat the whole thing of Crest
"-It's in effect!"
It's been a long day, it's just how the song say:
"'Operation: Lifesaver' is in effect, as of right now!"
I hope she don't take this the wrong way

[Outro: Sample and MF DOOM]
Are you ready?
Are you with it?
Okay, let's go, you know what to do
The whole world's watching and counting on you (You need a mint test) ("No! The beat stopped!")
And all you people listening out there, everybody, everywhere
Hang on! Hang on! Hang on!"
"The Official Adventures Of: The Magnificent
[Scratch] The Magnificent"