"Other Thematic Material" lyrics - MAGAZINE

"Other Thematic Material"
(Howard Devoto / John Doyle / Noko)

I'm gonna push up your top
Up over your tits, like this
And unhook your bra
And give your nipples a twist

Lean back and open your legs
Listen to my commands
I want to see plenty of pink
Spread your pussy, use both hands

Can I read your novel after you?
It's pretty good they say
When we have the neighbours 'round
Let's try that weird sorbet
Were you at the mall
Laughing and looking fantastic?
Did you tell Mary everything?
Isn't that too drastic?

Kneel down and open your mouth
Tilt your head a bit
Look me straight in the eye
Stick out your tongue ready for it

I'm gonna spurt in your face
Spray it with my cum
I wanna get some of it in your hair
In your mouth, on your tongue

Kneel down and open your mouth
And tilt your head back a bit
And look me straight in the eye
Stick out your pretty tongue ready for it

I tried again at lunchtime
A terrible queue
Your tired, that damn place would
Fall apart without you
That funny bird
Is back in the tree
Have you heard the latest?
Want a cup of tea?