"Overdrive" lyrics - MAGGIE ROGERS



My love, would you walk
For hours just to talk?
You did it better when you were on my side
Covered in leather, now you are in overdrive

Oh, young were we
But I'm sick of saying, "You made me weak at the knees"
'Cause I was a runner and I could go for miles
Gave me a reason

Now I'm in overdrive (Put me in overdrive)
Overdrive, ooh (Put me in overdrive)
Oh (Put me in overdrive)
(Oh, I'm in over-)

I don't wanna do this again if you're gon' break my heart
I'm tearing at the seams, can't believe that it's gotta be this hard
You told me that I was all you could see, but you kept me in the dark

And put me in overdrive (Put me in overdrive)
Oh, oh (Put me in overdrive)