"Don't Look At My Shadow" lyrics - MANASSAS

"Don't Look At My Shadow"

New York City years ago
Tourists in the rain
Singin' on the swing shift
For pennies

Thinkin'bout the bayou
Cajun river song
Almost got my head broke
In Texas

Purple Peacock Honky-Tonk
Eunice, Louisiana
Bourbon whiskey free, son,
Just tune up the piano

Workin' clubs in New Orleans
Bringin' down a dollar
College boys drink beer
And throw the bottles

It's been a long long long way
I got some more to go
Don't look at my shadow
Its behind me chorus
It's been a long long long way
In twenty years or so
Thinkin'bout those times
Might amuse me

L.A. Forum Sports Arena
Twenty thousand fans
Glas ya come to listen I'm gomma
Give you everything I can

I always had to play my music
Play it best I could
Hope you in the stands
Can hear me good

California dreamin' nearly put me down for good
Colorado Rocky Mountains saved my senses