"Runnin' Red" lyrics - MANDOLIN ORANGE

"Runnin' Red"
(Andrew Marlin)

The water's runnin' red tonight
And our bridges is burning high
We parted ways in the middle
And now we gaze from either side

Of the earth or of the sky
A love once grounded soon must fly
And in that shadow of goodbye
Our love was left to die

Well you once shouted from the rocks
Across the ocean to the docks
You cried "my island is sinking
Will you come for me"

Of water or the sand
Will you drown or take my hand
And as the last is washed away
Would you call for me again

We've a fated hand to hold
From when we're young until we're old
And it grows harder to find each time we let go

Of reason or belief, it's no difference to me
Our bridge is falling
And our love was left to drown