"Reprogram The Gene (I) Invincible" lyrics - MARILLION

"Reprogram The Gene (I) Invincible"

I don't want to be a boy
I don't want to be a girl
I want to be happy
I want to be clever
In no pain whatsoever

I want to be invincible
I want some peace of mind
I wanna share your thoughts
I wanna waste your time

I want to be Dr Frankenstein
Put my brain in a box
Full of LED light
You can have it for Christmas
Next year it'll be cheaper
And fourteen times as bright

I seen the future! It ain't orange, it's green
I been listening to Greta T
Begins with a letter C
The cure's coming at us
The cure is the disease

I don't wanna be food for the trees
I don't wanna fever
I don't wanna cough
As the planet simply shrugs us off

Don't wanna say goodbye to the earth and the sky
As the last of the animals
Curls up and dies
The rats and the roaches have no place to hide

We'll have the earth and the seas
To do with as we please
And all the strange human beings
Who we once used to be
Will be locked down
Knocked down
But I'm gonna be