"Your Love" lyrics - MARILYN MCCOO & BILLY DAVIS, JR.

"Your Love"

Each day when I rise and I look at you
I can't believe I'm living a dream come true
And as long as you feel the way you do
I'll do everything to make all your days fresh and new
Your love, keeps me satisfied
Your love, fills my heart with pride
Your love, keeps getting stronger
'Cause we really try
You love, simple, sweet and pure
Your love makes me feel secure
Your love, and I'm very sure
It keeps my heartbeat pounding
Your love makes me want you more
Your love, don't ever worry 'bout it running short
'Cause I can't do without it, Your love
Lord only knows how much I love you
So I'm gonna take the time to show you
How much I care
Just as long as there's heaven above you
This I can promise no other's love will I share
Your love, keeps me going strong
Your love, keeps me hangin' on
Your love, this feeling never seems to disappear
Your love, shelter from the storm
Your love, keeps getting better to me year after year
Your love, keeps me feeling fine
Your love, always on my mind
Your love just got to tell you baby one more time
I can't do without it
Ain't no doubt about it
I can't do without your sweet love