"Baloney Again" lyrics - MARK KNOPFLER

"Baloney Again"

We Don't Eat In No White Restaurant
We're Eatin' In The Car
Baloney Again, Baloney Again
We Don't Sleep In No White Hotel Bed
We're Sleepin' In The Car, Baloney Again
You Don't Strut Around In These Country Towns
You Best Stay In The Car
Look On Ahead Don't Stare Around
You Best Stay Where You Are
You're A Long Way From Home, Boy
Don't Push Your Luck Too Far
Baloney Again

Twenty-Two Years We've Sung The Word
Since Nineteen Thirty-One
Amen, I Say Amen
Now The Young Folk Want To Praise The Lord
With Guitar, Bass And Drums, Amen
We'll Never Get Tired Of Jesus
But It's Been A Heavy Load
Carrying His Precious Love
Down A Long Dirt Road
We're A Long Way From Home
Just Let's Pay The Man And Go
Baloney Again

The Lord Is My Shepherd
He Leadeth Me In Pastures Green
He Gave Us This Day
Our Daily Bread And Gasoline
Go Under The Willow
Park Her Up Beside The Stream
Shoulders For Pillows
Lay Down Your Head And Dream
Shoulders For Pillows
Lay Down Your Head And Dream