"Last Night About This Time" lyrics - MARTY ROBBINS

"Last Night About This Time"

You were in my arms last night about this time
And the world belonged to me 'cause you were mine
For a moment I thought everything was fine
'Cause the world was mine last night about this time

But it isn't in your plans that you should care
And the lips I kissed are lips I only share
And the kiss you gave was never really mine
Love walked in and out last night about this time

Tonight you hold another in your arms
And he'll thrill the way I did to all your charms
And he'll kiss the same sweet lips I wish were mine
Just the way I did last night about this time

Last night about this time you made a vow
You were havin' fun and it means nothin' now
I was foolish, yes, so foolish and so blind
When I fell in love last night about this time-ime-ime